The Many Trials Of Crabbing In Alaska

Crabbing, as well as deep sea fishing, can be a once in a lifetime experience for many individuals who get the chance to try it. As it is rewarding to catch crab, whether for work or pleasure, it is also an immensely dangerous task to undertake. Particularly out on the Alaskan coast, we see many fisherman seizing the opportunity to catch the ever popular king crab, and risking their lives to do so.
The crab season in alaska is typically between the months of October through January; However, sometimes the season will last only two to four weeks dependent on the quota reached by boats in previous years and if there are any crabs available in the water. It is also shown that crabbing is more than likely one of the most dangerous occupations to have in the United States, where about 80 percent of deaths are typically caused by hypothermia and drowning. Injuries are also quite likely to occur due to the immense amount of heavy machinery and equipment used on the ships as well.
Crabbing can be a great experience for anyone wanting to give it a try as an occupation or just as a fun day out on the water. However, it is always good to be cautious when out in the frigid seas, as anything truly can happen. It is quite beneficial to be prepared for any situation that could occur.